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Due Diligence is an important part of the eco system for Equitos Realty, first we want to be sure that there is a supply demand in balance, that the market is not oversupplied with rental properties in a specific area. The next stages of due diligence include ensuring that the developer has a good track record, is well monetized, that they build a high quality product and deliver on time. From this point we want to be sure that the sell price is in-line with market comparable, is not overpriced and that it represents a good investment for clients.


With every Equitos Realty Investment you can be assured that we will hold your hand all the way. All of our projects automatically come with an end to end service which includes the appointment of an attorney that will manage the legal exchange of ownership between the developer and the buyer. We have negotioated preferential pricing with conveyancing attorneys, and only work with the best in the market that are used to working with international buyers and most importantly know the areas and developments that we work with


In most cases the development that Equitos Realty promotes come with a furniture pack option. These furniture packages include a full Interior Design concept that is fitting to the specific development location, specifications and the intended target tenant requirements. All interiors are designed by specialists that ensure that the interior of your apartment is functional, durable and most of all aesthetically appealing and desirable to the incoming occupant of your newly built rental apartment


Most investors that we work with at some point want to leverage their property investment and secure mortgage financing. In our experiences we have found that raising mortgage financing for an offshore structure once the property has already been secured, is complete and tenanted represents the easiest way to raise debt against the asset. Typically, we recommend this strategy, assist with the setting up of an offshore structure and then the subsequent finance applications and approvals. For investors that wish to leverage upfront we would recommend a 50-60% LTV (Loan to Value) and will assist with your mortgage application through a local or international mortgage specialist or financial institution.


Purchasing a Furniture Pack upfront for your new rental apartment represents many advantages. Firstly, in most cases tenants living in city centre apartments in the UK and many other parts of the world expect the property to be furnished by the landlord. We are able to negotiate with suppliers on a bulk basis and receive substantial discounts on all furnishings, fixtures and fittings. Typically, Equitos Realty will recommend a hard furniture pack that includes all essential equipment which is usually included in the purchase price from the developer (integrated Fridge/Freezer, washing machine, Oven, Hob and Extractor), lounge suites, beds, tables, carpets and wall hangings.


With any Real Estate investment, the absolute most important factor is receiving a return on investment by renting out the property that you have just bought. Equitos Realty works with prominent local Rental Agencies that have feet on the ground in the specific area of the property. Services include the collection of keys, certificates, builder warranties once the development is complete and managing the hand over with the developer, marketing the unit prior to completion and securing a quality vetted tenant to occupy the property on completion. The rental agent provides full management services including monthly rent collection, the payment of utility bills and any other deductions.


Obtaining dual citizenship-by-investment is a life-changing event giving you personal and professional freedom today, whilst securing your family’s future for tomorrow. Our Partner delivers proven solutions, sound advice and practical support every step of the way, as you embark on the journey to establishing a new citizenship.

Dual citizenship-by-investment programmes are available from a number of different countries, allowing individuals and their families to obtain a second citizenship and passport after making an investment through one of several channels. Investment options include real estate purchase, cash deposit to a government development fund or investment in one of the country’s main industries.


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That our role should be to lead by example, always encourage our team, our partners and our clients; to work towards the objective of creating situations that represent a win-win scenario. Equitos Realty as a collection of companies seeks to create the framework required for collective participation, the gathering of minds, the use of experience, education and expertise to leverage collective genius and implement an exceptional service and investment strategy.


Equitos Realty and its founding partners have gained considerable international experience and global insights, developed over many years, specifically in the United Kingdom, Europe, Mauritius, Israel, Asia and South Africa. Our specialist areas of expertise include Real Estate Investments, Development Funding and Construction, Financial Investment, derivatives and Trading Products